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Restaurant Orsan
Ivana Zajca 2 - Dubrovnik

Info & Reservation
Tel: +385 20 436 822
Mob: +385 (0)99 303 1559

Working hours:
08 - 24 h

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  • Bar & restaurant- Restaurant Orsan

    Every day in our offer you can find wide choice of fresh fish prepared in a traditional way. As a side dish you can never go wrong with a choice of fresh vegetables but if you prefer meat dishes, you will not be disappointed with our meat offer, specially that from the grill.

    On working days we serve "marenda" for our neighbours and locals. "Marenda" is a kind of light early lunch , typical meal for this region, that working people like to have during their work break. If you've ever heard a saying: eat where locals do, this is a good opportunity to check if it is true.

    With good food you will love a good wine, you can find a wide choice of local wines on our wine list but we would also recommend our home made grappas and liqueurs, traditional aperitifs of this region.

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